Leonore the lamb

Seeing the doudou for our logee, J asked if she could make one for herself too. From the choice of pattern (enlarged 150%) from Doudous a coudre and selection of fabrics to the sewing, she all did it herself, with only some instructions from the side. Well done, I would say.

Holiday idea

While our eldest spent her time at the Summerschool Junior of Utrecht University, I took the other two girls to the Ontdekhoek. On arrival it didn't look very spectacular, but it really appeared to be a fantastic place. A great number of diy-activities for kids and adults (as long as they don't explain things to the children): making your own spoon, booklet, photo, boats, dikes, fries (from the start), street organ music, soap, coins etc. We were there for four hours and just half way all options. A good reason to go back another time.

Keeping it clean

I had pinned this car trash bag for ages. Because working as a taxi-service (to school, sports, music lessons and courses) for the girls, means many bags, papers and other rubbish in the car. Till now I always had a small plastic bag hanging from the gear lever. Worked fine, but this one looks a lot better. Because my car is small, I changed the dimensions of the bag and handle. For the inside I used thin carton, tightly fitting and stapled together. 3 liter plastic freezer bags fit in this trash bin perfectly.   I love these small things that make life more comfortable and beautiful!

Huit ans

I've already shown you the bunting I made for Iris' birthday. Here's another present for her. A messenger bag in a classic Dutch fabric. The flap is quilted, following the lozenge shape. I think, she liked it. But her favourite gift was the Milkmaid from Playmobil, designed after the famous painting of Vermeer.

Agrandissement de la famille

Our temporary third daughter (via Europa Kinderhulp) has arrived. All goes well. Actually very good, I must say. She came on saturday and settled in easily. On sunday we went to the beach. Searching for shells, crabs and fossils appeared to be a perfect way to break the ice. After three days our youngest is already using some french words during their play. Amazing how this happens. It's already a wonderful experience for all of us.

Doudou for Iris

Today our guest from France will arrive by bus. We're pretty excited and also a bit nervous. Will she fit in? How will our girls experience all this? Will my limited knowledge of the french language be enough? We are confident that all work out. At least it will be a learning experience for all of us. To make Iris feel at home, we made her this welcome gift.

For our (almost) teenagers

Finally fisnished, our lounge corner. Leftover wood from the fence (proud, that I even made the wooden bed myself), leftover paint from this price (ugly color but blends in perfectly), a baby mattress from the girls, our nephews todler mattress and N's old mattress in three parts. The mattresses are covered in quilted fabric, using this tutorial. Ikea frabrics, except from the lower one. I bought that one at Van Marieke. The girls love their new hang-out! So do I!

Midas touch

A. had organised a family day for his fraternity friends. A lovely afternoon with good company, nice chats, kids playing and a tasty barbecue at the end. I took care of the buntings. On one of those recent hot days I sat quietly inside, cutting 350 flags with pinking scissors. Inspired by this picture. 7x6 meter of garlands. Pfff... quite some work. But it's good way to clean out some stock and have buntings for every party in the near future.


It is hard to see what this is. It's large jar filled with black currants and wodka. There were not enough black currants to make jam, so I'm trying something else. We'll make creme de cassis. This is simple, but takes time. Five months to be exact. Our own liqueur will be ready to serve in a kir royale for Christmas or to celebrate the new year.

Enough for half a year

My dad has been helping us out a lot recently. Making our new fence and renovate our bathroom after we had leakage. So when he mentioned that the red, white and black currants needed to be picked we gladly volunteered. They are beautiful and abundant this year. Many hands make light work, we started early and in little time we had picked them all. And some strawberries as well. A well-spent morning, completed by a lovely family lunch in the garden. Afterwards we bought packs of half-sweet jam sugar at the supermarket and I cooked jams and jellies into the evening. The next day most of the jars went back to dad, who eats jam on his bread every day. I love the minimalistic labels, easy to wash off later.