Autumn baking

The bottom of the second box of apples is finally visible. Still enough to bake some apple pies and another quiche like you see above. I made it for a lunch this week. I was not sure whether the apple-bacon-onion combination would be a success, but it was delicious. I'll bake another one for the freezer, for a busy day without time to cook. This is the recipe that was used. I did not microwave the apples though, but instead baked them with the onions.

Jew's ears

It runs in the family, I think, not wanting to celebrate your birthday. I do give a party only once in a while, but my brother didn't celebrate his birthday for ages. Instead this time we went to have lunch with our families in this lovely place de Veldkeuken at estate Amelisweerd. And afterwards joined a guided mushroom-tour through the woods. The girls and their cousins stayed close to the IVN-guide, who told them, and us, a lot about the importance of fungi in ecosystems. A perfect sunny (birth)day!

Code event

We, husband and I, are always complaining about the alpha-oriented education given in school. Alpha is fine, but for making a substantiated choice for their future, kids should get some beta input too. So we grab the opportunities that come along to show our girls that there's more. Yesterday our youngest went to a workshop in coding at the University of Technology in Eindhoven, organised by Digivita. She took a friend and they came back very enthusiastic. "It was fun and not difficult at all". They got to meet robot Nao, see Oculus rift and worked with Mindstorms. But the girls' favourite activity was building a piano with play dough, mandarins, a banana and the Makey makey-kit. I'll have to tell Sinterklaas that N would appreciate a kit like that.

Aandacht maakt alles mooier

Ikea's slogan 'attention makes everything more beautiful' is one I live by. When you do something, make sure it is worth the effort. Add some beauty to every day activities. Of course these puff pastry pear bakings would taste just as good when we had left the dough squares uncut. But simply cutting around the fruit and cut out some leaves adds a wow-effect to the dessert. So when I was looking for a way to use some over-ripe pears and saw these pictures, I used the half hour, before the kids came out of school, to make these.

For baby Mare

I've sewn so many doudous, that patterns aren't needed anymore. This cutie jumped right out of the box of fabric scraps. Quickly made, while attending our sick cat. All of a sudden cat Nora walked like she was drunk, barely able to stay on her feet. Pretty scary. Vet didn't know either, symptoms didn't fit to one diagnosis. But she gave the cat antibiotics and something to reduce possible swelling in the brain. With succes, because fortunately Nora is behaving almost normal again.

Daughters design

Our youngest selected the ribbons and the model of the bag. Made a design and gave it to her mother. And since mom certainly wants to stimulate all creativity, she quickly followed up on the instructions. When finished the girl was happy and proud, in spite of the jeans being darker than she had meant.


Some time ago we went to a historic festival. We saw a really impressive re-enactment of a battle in the eighty years' war. It really gives you a better impression of how warfare went one back then. At the same time I felt slightly uncomfortable seeing people playing war, when there are so many real wars going on not so far away. At least we got to explain more about that war and local history to the kids. One of the pictures I used to try the new app Circular (similar for android: Spherify). Very funny and beautiful results.

Star apples

My uncle gave us a large bag of fallen apples. They needed to be processed quickly. Apple sauce (peel, core, cook and freeze) is the easiest way, but we don't need that much apples sauce. Baking a classic Dutch apple pie is another option, but not every day. Lots of butter, quite some sugar. The cake above is a good alternative. The spices nicely disguise the lack of sugar. The girls loved it. Or this moist cake. It's sweeter than the other one. Looking for apple-recipes I also found a recipe for making apple cider vinegar. A good way to use the peels from the apples for the cake. I like the idea of using every part. We'll have to wait six weeks before we can try and see how good it is. Do you have another good apple-recipe?


What a lovely idea of a daughter to initiate a surprise party for her mothers birthday! Of course we wanted to take part and some presents had to be made. For mother a larger make-up pouch and, for all the effort, a small one for the girl. Both made of my daughters mermaid-fabric. Although mom had sensed things, she hadn't expected this and was truly surprised. We enjoyed the good company, food and conversations.


While the girls attended a lecture at the Natuurhistorisch Museum, we went to the neighbouring Kunsthal to see the Keith Haring exhibition. I'm not a fan of pop-art, but when you happen to be close on the exhibitions opening day you shouldn't let go of that chance. Maybe seeing the actual works can change your opinion. Didn't happen, but was good to see. Afterwards we drove to the beach to enjoy a lovely sunny afternoon. A well-spent sunday!