The girls have Christmas dinners at school. J yesterday and N today. On special request of their classmates we baked monkey bread again. It's not the prettiest dish but certainly tasteful. Just balls of bread dough (mix from a package) rolled in butter and a sugar cinnamon mix. Slightly similar to this recipe. I promised our daughters that we will have these for Christmas lunch too. You can vary easily with this recipe. We also tasted a pizza bread, parmesan and heros, delicious.

Tasty snowmen

I'm preparing for next wednesday, when we're going to make upcycle angels. The girls invited some friends to come to our place to have a creative afternoon. Of course we'll try to create a warm cosy atmosphere inside with christmas music, decorations and snacks. Today I made these marshmallow snowmen in advance. Three white marshmallows on a stick, wrapped in plastic, faces with permanent markers and a felt scarf. Simple and cute.

Wolf in sheep's clothing

When you're turning four and will be going to school in the new year, you'll need a schoolbag. A bag to fit your lunchbox and bottle. Cousin Wies got this messenger bag for her birthday yesterday. Squirrel on the flap and a fox underneath it. This tutorial results in exactly the right size bag for a child. I just added piping around the flap, for extra detail and professional look. This week W will be taking the bag when she has to practise at the big school. We're wishing her a good time over there!

Tree of love

Today we're going to bring our christmas tree inside. It has been waiting outside for some days. But our busy schedules prevented us from decorating it till now. Last night I whipped up these felt hearts. Very simple. A new addition to our, already not so small, collection of tree decorations.

Yes for carrot cake

Carrot cake never seemed too attractive to me. But Coconut makes everything good. So when I saw this cake in my new Rachel Khoo cookbook and all ingredients happened to be in the house, I had to try. And I must say, carrot-coconut cake is not bad at all. Very tasty actually. The neighbours, who got a piece because we can't eat every cake we bake completely, agreed and asked for the recipe. I thought to share it with you too. You can find it here (scroll down, it's the second recipe).

Random fabrics

More presents from this production assistant. Scrappy cold (two hours in the freezer) or hot (15 sec in the microwave) packs. Made out of small fabric scraps and a piece of flannel for the back. These ones are filled with flaxseed and lavender. But rice would also do the trick. I tried to recover the tutorial I used, found many, but not the one I was looking for.

Production assistant

In our house it is completely accepted that I get assignments from Sinterklaas to make things for children. The saint just needs some help to get all presents ready in time. So I can freely knit a cowl for our little cousin with our kids present, without spoiling the belief of our youngest. First I tried to crochet, but the the cowl became too heavy. Knitting then. I knit very slow and I don't like it too much. But knit work is so much softer. Luckily a single toddler cowl is a small project, finished in one evening, even in my slow tempo. One knit, one purl, staggered. Finishing touch are the manly buttons.

Five stones

Surprise-time at school today. The budget is very small. But the girls managed to find pretty nice things for €3. We completed the gifts by adding these homemade games, like last time. With the receivers in mind, the girls picked the fabric from our box of scraps. Just tiny pieces of fabric are needed to make the juggling triangles. I think, they chose really nice, matching colours.


Day two of the drawing challenge: draw your fave animal. Do you have a specific favourite animal? As a child I did. Every month another one. But now, I do not think in terms of preferential animals. The song thrush popped in my head first, when exploring my favourite animals. Why? I don't know exactly. Might be it's the lean shape, the speckled plumage, it's friendly glance or beautiful singing. But drawing birds is so difficult! I googled for a picture of a thrush and tried so copy the shape.

Just start

I had a copy of this drawing challenge in my planner for some time. But the first assignment, a self-portrait, was a difficult one. Today I took the hurdle. Me drinking a lovely chai tea from one of my new mugs. A sweet birthday present from my parents in law. From the Iitala Sarjaton series (we also have these amazing glasses). Personal drawing challenges are a great way to practice your skills with pen and pencil. On Pinterest you'll find many lists. Choose one and enjoy being an (beginning) artist some minutes a day.