Stash busting

It is wonderful to have all kinds of material available for any kind of project. But you can't go on collecting. I needed to make some space. Bring things (back) to the thrift store, throw stuff away and use. I started with the ugliest colour of cotton to make new dishcloths. First I thought I could do the waffle stitch from memory. Turned out quite nice, but no waffles. And actually a bit firm for a dish cloth. Then I tried this simple tutorial. Perfect. Some light blue tabs with white (shirt) buttons to freshen up the colours and the dish cloths are finished.

Interrail 1992

Tasting this delicious dish of stuffed vegetables, alle of sudden, brought back a lot of memories. One summer, my friend Danielle and I travelled by boat from Brindisi (Italy) to Patras (Greece). We went to a very small camping to spend our first night in the country. And since we were the only visitors, the owners invited us to share a meal. Mmm... Afterwards I have tried to reproduce that amazing taste several times. I think the recipe of Tessa Kiros comes closest to the experience, having dinner under the olive trees. Try!


We love to see how happy J gets from new learning experiences. Like from the online english course she is taking (all on her own!). And also from the four day sailing course she's just finished. She had so much fun. Tired, relaxed and satisfied afterwards. Here you see her pulling over the boat, to learn how to get it out of the water again. Today she asked us what a boat would cost...

Too tiny

When I saw this little one, I planned to crochet two copies. One for each daughter. The tutorial is really precise and easy to follow. But I just didn't enjoy the fidgeting. I was happy to finish this first one. The other daughter will be getting another cute animal from the same site.

Look there, a cat near the waterside!

Of course you all know that Amsterdam has canals. But there are many more places where they can be found. In my birth place 's-Hertogenbosch, for example, they're uniquely placed behind and below  the houses. You can go on a boat trip to discover this secret world of the 'Binnendieze'. Although the canals are in the center of the city, it's completely quiet when you're out there. Janne, Jip and I took such a trip last week. A nice and cool experience, during these warm days.


Here's another pair of barefoot sandals. Seeing a payed pattern for these, I thought that it couldn't be too difficult to crochet a set. And it wasn't. Just some shiny muti-coloured yarn, a lot of chains and some double crochets. The daughters was happy with her set. I think, they look pretty good in normal sandals too.

Nice and crispy

I love oatmeal and coconut. Both are inside the cookies above. They're not as lacy as the ones pictured with the recipe. Probably because I had added some extra coconut. They make a nice gift in a stamped paper bag.

Summer crochet

With the girls having holidays there's not much substantial time to craft. But small crochet projects always fit in somewhere. Like these goddess barefoot sandals. I used a smaller hook, which resulted in a smaller kids size. The girls are ecstatic about the foot jewellery. And a staying-over-friend also. So I have to crochet at least two pairs more.

Off the shelf

A forgotten present from Sinterklaas was a good remedy against holiday boredom. It's a button making set bought in the Textielmuseum shop, but also available at In it everything to cover buttons with fabric. Simple, but lovely. I was allowed by N to make two buttons too. I chose some leftovers from the Anne doll screen print.

Herman the German

It's a strange name for a cake. Herman. It's a friendship cake, an Amish tradition. You nurture the dough, give 4 parts away to friends and the fifth you use to bake a cake. You can start your own chain of friendship cakes here (or here in Dutch). J got the dough and recipe from her friend Amy. Yesterday we have baked the cake, with white and dark chocolate in it. J, cousin C and I enjoyed the first slices...pretty nice!