Learning experience

Our eldest daughter had been asking to eat in a Michelin star restaurant for some time. We put it off for a while, but now we thought the girls would be big enough to try and eat things they've never tasted before. My husbands birthday was a good occasion to make a reservation at restaurant Sense. We were proud to see that both daughters tried everything that was served in the Chef's Challenge. Food like coquilles, cockles and lamb meat. I only remembered taking pictures when we reached dessert. Unfortunately, because all plates looked so amazing. Is was a great evening.

Hands free

During my work as a museum teacher I need to carry around a pass and keys. Next to that I like to have my phone around. Always a problem when I wear a dress or skirt without pockets. To solve that problem I made myself a pouch to hang around my neck. The very soft leather came from an old bag, that simply was beyond repair after using it for over 10 years. I cut out two pieces, sewed them together and added a small loop. That simple. I know, it looks a bit nerdy, such a pouch, but it works fine. The necklace you see in the picture is from Studio Fludd.


My favourite thriftstore used to be next to the supermarket. A visit to the supermarket meant a visit to the second hand shop. But the shop has moved further away and I don't go there as often. Just once in a while and I was lucky last time. I found this lovely fruit bowl. Not completely my style (too classic), but I like it's shape. While waiting for strawberries to come, we used it for our freshly baked scones: 250 gr selfraising flour, 2 spoons sugar, 1 pinch of salt, 30 gr butter in small cubes, 125 ml buttermilk and 1 egg. Knead all quickly and make a slab of 2 cm thick. Use a small glass to punch out  circles. Bake for ±25 min on 200°C.

Not so luxurious luxury

When we arrived in our little house in France it was only 6°C inside. We fired up the stove, but three hours later we were still breathing clouds. Luckily the electric blankets kept us all warm during the first night. Next to keeping the wood fire burning, cooking and just being, we visited the caves of Lascaux II. A copy of the original cave, but still very impressive. Six days is very short for a holiday. To make it feel a bit longer we made a stop in Paris on the way back. We parked the car right beneath the Louvre and went to see the Mona Lisa, the Venus of Milo and some 17th century Dutch masters. It was well worth adding those three hours to our trip home!

Left over waste material

A lot of material remained after making upcycle angels last december. Among which many onion, garlic and fruit nets. Time to make some new scrubbies for the kitchen. Easy and quick. Softer nets inside and the sturdier ones for the outsides. My kitchen looks pretty neat with these scrubbies and the recently handmade dish cloths.

Party props

I've been a bit under the weather last weeks. First the flu and then two migraine attacks. But it now looks like the clouds are going away. Thankfully, because I have so many exciting projects in my agenda. In the meantime I managed to do some minor jobs for J's birthday. Made a stamp after this picture. And decorated boxes and booklets with it. The boxes are for snacks for in the car after the visit to the museum. The booklet will contain pictures that we will take over there. Of course everyone, who sees this, will keep this a secret for the daughter that might be invited to the party...

For Elodie

A colleague gave birth to a baby girl, called Elodie. A girl with such a beautiful name needs a beautiful softie. It went in the mail, instead of a postcard. This racoon must have reached her crib already.

We think of W all the time

Our cousin W has been admitted to the hospital with a pretty serious eye infection. Since last friday. And the situation is not stabel yet. We're all pretty anxious still, although we know, from a befriended doctor, that the best eye doctors are on her bedside. I try to sew away the tension, with this cuty as result. She's called Lovina the lamb. Named, by our daughters, after a figure in this tv series about the Romans (for kids, but fun for adults too, only in Dutch). When she's a bit better we will take Lovina to W.

Memory keepers

A friend of my mother asked me to sew something small out of a piece of embroidery made by a deceased friends of her. I made a petite make-up pouch for M and at the same time a similar one for my mother. I like how the trees and skies make abstract patterns this way.

Tiny tool

See that small thingy inside the pouch? It's a row counter. Found in a very cheap starter kit for the beginning knitter. Did not know row counters existed, till now. How could I live without it? The pouches you see here did not really need row counting, since the stitches changed almost every row, but I used the new piece of equipement anyway.