Personal present

Another leather pouch for a friend of one of the daughters. J chose various things to make earrings, as presents for the creative girl. She can keep all those things is this pouch out of rind and goat leather. The natural leather is printed with a stamp and regular ink.

Easier than it looks

Oops, a little bit too long in the oven. Doing too many things at a time. But still perfectly eatable and delicious. And what a beauty, don't you think? Ok, not as nice as the example over here. I didn't use the recipe, just adopted the idea. Took a simple white bread-mix, had the bread-machine make the dough and filled it with pureed tomato and olive oil. It actually surprised me how quick this rolled bread came together. Try it!

New hobby

Last thursday, second course day, I worked on my second handmade leather bag. I'm copying the Celine belt bag to practice specific techniques. Quite some work. When I count the hours and materials I have put in already, I can sympathise with the price of a designers bag a bit more. And I even need another full day to put it together. During lunch time I dived into the remnant boxes in the shop to get some smaller pieces of leather for making pouches. This is the first one. A small key ring pouch for a friend of N.

Tech and art

We had a great afternoon in Amsterdam yesterday. The girls went to the Youtech-party in Nemo. You tech is a site and a free magazine full of technical news, facts and gadgets for kids. Our eldest is always excited when the magazine falls in the mailbox. The party lasted all afternoon and in the meantime A and I went to the Hermitage. I wanted to see the Spanish masters, but happened to like the portrait gallery of the golden age more. Around five we went back to join the last part op the party on top of the roof of Nemo. There the kids helped forming an artwork of light by artist Dorette Sturm. And what a great view on the city!

Rocky process, but good result

I've been a little hesitant to bake for three-kings-day since this attempt. And I don't know what it is, but again many things went wrong during the process of baking a Brioche des Rois. Added too little milk, forgot the egg and couldn't find the little people to put inside of the bread (one day later I came across them in a totally un-logical place). I didn't read the recipe too well beforehand, probably because it is in french, and missed the line that said 'put the dough a night in our fridge'. I wouldn't have any time that next day, so I skipped the waiting part. And still, different from the other try, a perfectly delicious brioche came out. The girls have, since then, been asking repeatedly when we will eat it again. Sixth of january is such a long wait, we'll have it for our next sunday-lunch, with a 'feve' inside.

One day, one bag

Last thursday I started a workshop in leather bag making (at dth-leder). It's not a course with assignments, but you take your own design and the teacher helps you to put it together. From pattern-making to stitching. I started with a simple baggy bag. Always love less-is-more designs. At home I made a prototype with some scraps of fabric and long laces for the handles, to see whether my idea worked out. I chose some very soft grey leather for the body and added a dark green pocket. Above expectations I managed to finish the bag in one day. With a matching pouch in it. For the price of the workshop you could buy a small designer bag, but it is so much more rewarding to design and make your own.

Back in time

Instead of the traditional new years fritters, we tried churros con chocolate on new years day. This snack brings me back to 1998, when I was exploring the Spanish Bask coast with my local friend Miren. It was raining all the time and we went from bar to bar to eat pintxos and churros, listening to Rosana. In spite of the weather is was a wonderful trip with amazing views. Want to go back immediately...

Red, white, blue and orange

A friend and his family are going to live in Austria for at least three years. It's a pity they're moving. Yesterday my brother and I went to their goodbye party.  I threaded a bunch of felt strips into a garland for their new home. The tints are hinting to our national colours, just a little bit. Hans & co, we wish you all good in your new homeland.

Happy 2016!

This new year will be the year that the receiver of this softie will be born. His parents have been trying to have children for over 10 years! And now this baby boy is on its way. 27 weeks already. Our friends came to have dinner last week and I made them this little fox. Since 'Vos' (fox in Dutch) is the family name of the mother.

Unexpected beauty

J was invited to a pyjama party last night. A present had to be made. This fabric wasn't my first choice, but I appeared to have very few larger pieces of fabric suitable for an apron in stock. The result surprised me though. The fabric is perfect for this girlish apron. I think it makes a nice present, together with the lovely children's cookbook by Karin Luijten. Our party-go-er is not back yet, so I don't know whether the birthday girl liked her gifts.